One of the most common GPR scanning applications is Concrete Scanning. Terraprobe has completed thousands of concrete scanning projects and many of our technicians have completed thousands of scanning locations themselves.

In fact, we have accumulated so much experience in concrete scanning that we are now conducting GPR Concrete Scanning courses around North America.

Our technicians can locate virtually any structures that are embedded in a concrete slab including the following items:

  • Locate rebar map rebar spacing and depth in concrete, including slab-on-grade with multiple layers of rebar/other embedded elements.
  • Locate conduit map plastic and metal conduits with precision to avoid damage when drilling, cutting, or coring.
  • Locate post-tension cables map post-tension cables with precision to avoid damage when drilling, cutting, or coring through post-tensioned concrete.
  • Locate voids locate voids under concrete structures, behind walls, in tunnels, etc.
  • Measure slab thickness determine and record the slab thickness for both slab-on-grade and suspended slabs, determine rebar depth to measure concrete cover in slabs, beams, and columns

One of the most common reasons for scanning concrete is to reduce/eliminate the risk of damaging embedded structures when coring or cutting concrete. Our customers like the convenience of arranging for coring/cutting services and GPR scanning at the same time. We are pleased to provide that service, however, if you have your own favourite coring provider we are more than happy to do the scanning.

We are pleased to provide estimates based on drawings submitted or over the phone or by email.


GPR concrete scanning results are interpretive in nature which means that the skill and experience of the technician plays a large roll in producing accurate results.

  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Performance Warranty
  • Local marking and reports available
  • Largest Equipment Inventory


The information resulting from our scans can be reported ranging from simply marking the location of obstructions and optimum cutting/coring location on the slab to one page reports to full reporting with AutoCAD. Terraprobe employs geophysicists and engineers and we know how to produce top quality reports.