For Engineering and consulting firms that need to "Know What's Below, Terraprobe delivers cost effective GPR solutions in the following applications: Subsurface Utility Engineering SUE (QL-A to QL-D)

  • Structural Investigations (Seismic Upgrades)
  • Road Pavement and Bedrock Profiling.
  • Subsurface void detection.
  • Concrete scanning for penetration clearing.
  • Borehole Clearing.

Unlike other service providers Terraprobe maintains a broad inventory of leading edge GPR equipment and software that enables us to deliver the best possible results. It is critical to use the correct hardware and software for each application. Terraprobe has the experience and equipment to do the job right!

  • Highly experienced technical staff.
  • Broad Range of equipment to handle various applications
  • Creative approach for unique applications.
  • Fast accurate results
  • Professional reporting capability

Our GPR inventory includes equipment manufactured by Mala, Sensors and Software, GSSI and IDS with frequencies ranging from 50 MHz to 2.6 GHz.

Terraprobe also uses Electromagnetic equipment for Utility Location and mapping projects.

In addition to high quality field work Terraprobe will also prepare professional reports in AutoCAD format when needed.

The design and execution of GPR surveys followed by the delivery of comprehensive and accurate results is the core competency of our firm. Since the incorporation of the company in 2001, Terraprobe has become one of the largest specialized service providers in Western Canada successfully completing more than 1000 GPR projects both large and small for a broad spectrum of clients in a variety of settings and environments. Our highly trained technical staff has more than 30 yrs cumulative experience which ensures that projects are approached creatively and in a manner that delivers a high quality result..