For Engineering Firms, General Contractors, Excavators and others that need to have utilities and other underground structures accurately located, Terraprobe can locate critical subsurface structures in a variety of materials C from construction sites to wide open terrain.

Unlike many "locators" that employ only Electromagnetic (EM) equipment, Terraprobe uses the latest and most advanced geophysical equipment required for the application. Terraprobes highly trained technicians can quickly and accurately determine the precise position of both metallic and non-metallic targets plastic and clay pipes, water, sewer and irrigation lines, cables, voids, and other subsurface features )up to a depth of 5 meters or more.

While the detectability of targets depends on a variety of conditions such as size, shape, and orientation of the target, subsurface material type and condition, as well as external radio frequency noise and interferences, Terraprobe has achieved an industry-leading 99% accuracy rate in finding its targets.

Utility location information is used to prevent damage to utilities in proposed excavation/drilling areas as well as for planning purposes by Utility companies, Municipalities, General Contractors and Engineering firms.

Our service provides results in real-time and covers large areas quickly and cost effectively, with reporting requirements tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Plastic Electrical Ducts Detected with GPR


Terraprobe will acquire a BC One Call Ticket on behalf of the customer if requested. BC One Call and BC Common Ground Alliance (member)

  • Basic Clearance:Area for Drilling/Digging cleared of all utilities and underground structures
  • QL-A : UL Survey using Geophysical methods (GPR & EM) with confirmation using Soft Excavation as necessary. Report in AutoCad showing plan and profile of utilities.
  • QL-B : UL Survey using Geophysical methods (GPR & EM). Report in AutoCad showing utility locations on map.
  • QL-C : UL Survey using Visual Observation of facilities only, eg. Manhole covers, valve chambers etc. Report in AutoCad showing observed utilities on Plan Map.
  • QL-D : BC One Call ticket and GIS information from cities/municipalities only.